Arboriculture, tree surgery and tree surveying require specialist skills, training and certification and present specific challenges both in terms of health and safety, community engagement and biodiversity. The industry is now further challenged, and with many pests and diseases threatening the trees in the UK, biosecurity has become a big topic. It is essential to manage your tree stock safely and at the same time, balance the practical, aesthetic and biodiversity considerations.  idverde can help in many ways. We have dedicated tree services teams at our contracts in BirminghamBournemouth, Cheshire Peaks and Plains, Newbury, South Staffordshire and Wiltshire. In addition, our Dorset and Birmingham branches offer a wide range of arboricultural services to clients in their surrounding areas, and have Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor status. We have an Associate Arboricultural Advisor who can provide consultancy and surveying on a project specific basis.
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