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Schools, Colleges and Academies
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Parishes & Council properties
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Pest Control - Rabbit & Mole Treatment
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As one of Norfolk & Suffolk’s premium grounds maintenance and landscaping companies, Vortex Grounds Maintenance & Services offers tailored services specific to each and every client. Working with both the public and private sector we strive in delivering a bespoke service and outstanding value to each and every client. Our clients include Academies, Parishes, Sports Facilities and professional open space management. Our services also include landscape design and build, grounds maintenance, tree surgery, biological waste recycling and more.

Established in 2010 as a family business, Vortex Grounds Maintenance & Services has continued to provide a personalised service to each and every customer which has been key to the continued development & growth in addition to continued retention of clients. 

Our Services

Grounds Maintenance

We are a supplier of outstanding quality and service of grounds maintenance services to both the public and private sector with contracts ranging from Schools, Parishes, Private Companies and Sports Complexes. We deliver services including grass cutting, hedge trimming, sports pitch management, flower bedding displays, planting area maintenance, litter and leaf collection, chemical & manual weed control, playground marking and tree surgery.

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Our Landscape construction team has delivered many soft and hard landscaping.

Professional Services

As we’ve grown, we have created a network of parks professionals that can help our clients to provide some of the services that budget cuts mean can no longer be resourced in-house. In times of shrinking budgets, having a robust open space strategy and masterplan, green flag management plans and biodiversity action plans is even more important to focus on where to deploy limited resources. Our Professional Services team can help with these areas, by providing consultative services or complete project management.

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